Our supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowlede. We strive to provide our students withan extraordinary education.


Dear Parents and Studets,

Meet the faces of H2Original, Hayden and Harper. While you most likely will not find them in the kitchen making the products, they are the inspiration for why we exist. From cloth diapers and homemade baby food, to now homemade bath products, we believe that quality products are those that are not only good enough for you, but gentle enough for them. Our philosophy is that good skin care does not have to be harsh, stripping your body of much needed nutrients, nor does it have to include damaging chemicals that are hard to pronounce as found in most bath and beauty products on the shelves of many retailers.At H2Original, we make bar soaps using the cold process method, lotion bars, and beard products. Every one of our products are homemade using natural, environmentally responsible ingredients mostly found in your kitchen. Our lotion bars and beard products are made to order and shipped right to your door. You don't have to search far and wide to find a place that provides bath and self care products that will leave you looking good, smelling great, and feeling even better...You've found it!!

It is exciting and rewarding to serve as the principal of Ridgefield High School! It is a wonderful place to work, and I truly enjoy my partnerships with faculty, parents, and students.

We provide a nurturing environment in which students feel safe to explore new learning and challenges while still knowing there are caring, supzwportive adults to join in celebrating their success and guiding them through difficult times. As partners in our endeavor, thank you for your support.

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